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  1. How do I buy cheats?

    You'll have to purchase from our reseller, yimosecai
  2. Failed to connect to server

    Download the latest launcher here:
  3. Hi, I'm Chris

    You can purchase a key for subscription access from one of our resellers:
  4. Destiny 2 hack

    Hello, Artificial Sensei is planning to release a cheat soon, we are directing people there way who want a cheat for the game as we won't be supporting it.
  5. Single cheat purchase

    Hey, it's not likely that we will.
  6. Rising Storm 2 status

    We no longer offer this cheat, sorry!
  7. It's safe or no

    Yep, all cheats should be working. Star Citizen is the only one I can think of that may not currently be at 100%.
  8. We're looking for YOUR video submissions! Record your gameplay using our cheats, edit it into a video, upload it to youtube, and then post it in our 'Video Media' sub-forum. If you've put some work into your video you'll likely get additional cheat subscription time added to your account. Please note the video has to be published publicly on youtube to be eligible for added subscription time. Join the Video Team! Users who post high-quality videos or show a dedication to creating media for our products may be invited to join the , and get full access to the hacks they wish to create videos for!
  9. Launcher log in

    Hello, make sure you are logging in with the username/password for this account. If changing the password isn't working for you, change it and ensure it contains no symbols or accented letters.
  10. warframe do you have hack ?

    Yes, see our cheat page here: https://cheatautomation.com/warframe-hack/
  11. hmm is this site dead ?

    We're not dead but it's true there haven't been any new cheat releases in a while.
  12. Hack not up-to-date

    It will be fixed soon.
  13. Rules of survival

    The cheat is undetected. But if you are reported by enough players you can still be temp banned automatically. We don't offer a trial any longer.
  14. If you're enjoying the cheats, we'd appreciate you letting us know, it's awesome when we hear people are enjoying the software. As a way to say thank you for people leaving testimonials on our cheats, we will be adding subscription time to anyone who leaves an approved testimonial! You'll have to create a new thread in this subforum.
  15. Error while redeem key

    Hello, please confirm with Kanra2015 that you received the correct code from him. I will also need you or him to send me a private message with the code so I can check it on my end.
  16. License Key

    Hello, you will have to communicate with the reseller, kanra directly. Typically kanra is quite good about communicating with buyers, so I am sure there must be some extraordinary circumstances for the delay.
  17. Here are some tips if you are making a video for us: Use a mask/other layer to hide your profile name if it matters to you and happens to appear in any footage (You can also just cut delete any footage with your name in it, like your gear window) You can change your profile name on the main menu of ARMA 2 for video recording if you wish. Add a watermark to your video with the name of the site, to make it harder for others to steal your video to promote other hacks or fake/infected hacks. When uploading to youtube, you may want to include "DayZ" and the words "Hack" or "Cheat" in the title so people searching may find it Add a description and tag your video so Youtube will rank your video higher for keywords related to dayz hacking/cheating What Recording software to use? We suggest Bandicam (Free version with watermark), Fraps, or DXTory for recording the game and hack. (Crypt's guide for DXTory) (You can get all of this software 'freely' if you know where to look) What Video Editing software to use? For basic users just getting started, we recommend Windows Movie Maker. For somewhat advanced users, or someone looking for a bit of a challenge, check out Sony Vegas. For the most advanced users, Adobe After Effects is the cherry on top of the cake. How should I render my video for uploading to youtube? There are tons of guides out there with rendering settings for each video editor to export a video for youtube. I recommend you do a quick google search like Sony Vegas Render Settings Windows Movie Maker Render Settings What should I do when uploading my video? Add a title with descriptive keywords like 'DayZ', 'Hack' or 'Cheat'. Add a description and tags. Then after your video has uploaded, make a topic in this sub-forum and add your video like this: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0[/media] CheatAutomation Video Resources! Here's a video intro you can use if you like Intro Want to add a watermark to your video? You can use this image or just some regular text. If there are other video resources you would like, let us know and we'll see what we can do!
  18. begin with CA

    Thank you for your testimony uroboro, very nice of you to write this!
  19. Pls give me the files

    You aren't able to use the cheat without a subscription. Regardless, we wouldn't allow people to distribute our files/cheats for free.
  20. I'm sure you'll get a response soon, send the reseller a PM or contact him via one of his contact methods if you haven't already.
  21. Doesn't seem to work

    What game are you referring to? I will move your topic to the relevant private forum.
  22. Unfortunately, we aren't currently offering this cheat, and probably won't in the future.
  23. I don't know

    You'll need a subscription purchased from one of our resellers:
  24. WTF

    Hello, if you want a subscription, you'll have to buy from one of our resellers:
  25. Warframe Cheat

    The cheat hasn't ever been detected. The damage multiplier is the only risky feature that could be logged, so you may choose not to use that. If you are using the aimbot, you may want to watch how many headshots you get if you are playing with others as it could look suspicious.