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  1. Hello my dear friend. I bought the key now all I need is the key. I hope you are back on soon so I can play with this program today.
  2. Hello, I just sent you a message that I paid for my key but I didn't get one this time. I also did check my e-mail and in my spam and still nothing. I have always got my key right away and for that I thank you. I just didn't get one this time. Hopefully soon. I'm ready to play my game but can't without this program.
  3. Yeah I hope we get restocked soon. Still playing the game but it's a lot easier with this program. And My key ran out today.
  4. This sucks. It's not the sellers fault just saying. My time should be up on the 13th and here it is the 12th and I got to buy it already a day early. I thought this went by the month not the days. If that's the case what about February . Anyway going to buy another key now. Ok just got my new key. Fast as always.
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