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  1. PUBG hacks are not online at the moment. The developer has turned it off to protect their cheats. BattleEye is aggressive and will most likely get you banned anyway. If you think you won't get caught, the one that gets you will be BattleEye, without a doubt.
  2. New here

    Hey, welcome!

    Since BE is now blanketing their servers, consider the PUBG hack gone until further notice. Please do not bump!

    BattleEye is aggressive. More aggressive than most. If they took it offline, it was most likely to protect themselves and their customers.
  5. Overwatch

    Overwatch Beta just released today and have it installed.
  6. Rainbow 6 seige

    Rainbow Six isn't out until Dec. 1st.
  7. World of Warships 5.1.0 + a couple of questions

    It's VERY well worth it for new players that want to go up the tier tree faster, but if you have tier 10 ships already, you can tweak the cheat's features to decimate lower ships. If you post tier ship 10 gameplay, you could get a free subscription. Post a video here http://cheatautomation.com/forums/forum/30-video-media/
  8. WoWS Hack Performance

    you'll have a better experience if you disable all automatic aim and alternative aim and just use the height compensation and muzzle velocity values for your ship type.
  9. Seen many Issues with WoWs Hack

    You are very confused. There was a MOD that you could install in closed beta that provided an "Aim Assist" feature. The developers removed the mod from the game, as it gave unfair advantages. The CheatAutomation WOWS Cheat brings back the mod "Aim Assist" feature into your heads and it works perfectly fine. There are also added bonus features to the CheatAutomation hack.
  10. Spectating

    If someone is spectating, it'll show in the left hand upper most corner of your screen. It only detects if someone is spectating. It won't detect if they are spectating YOU or not. So avoid hacking too much when you see spectators. They might be spectating you.
  11. Hello Community

    Good to see ya, bud.
  12. Overwatch

    Any Plans for overwatch? http://us.battle.net/overwatch/en/ Beta Announcement - http://www.overpwn.com/news/75-overwatch-beta-launches-october-27th-in-the
  13. World of Warships Hack

    It's all instant
  14. Nice, this is great

    Where have you been? These guys are constantly updating their cheats. Detections are a thing of the past.