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  1. RebelGirl

    Destiny 2

    Thank you for your testimonial kamkam! I have sent some bonus subscription time your way for the testimonial
  2. Thank you for your testimonial Tobiisme! I have sent some bonus subscription time your way for the testimonial
  3. Thank you for the testimonial madGUY127!! We are trying to avoid situations like that happening. I've sent some bonus subscription time your way for the testimonial
  4. Love the testimonial, thanks chadmeister! We had an offer up until recently for lifetime VIPs to get some extra store credit for leaving a testimonial. I have added that bonus credit to your account for any future purchases you might make with us.
  5. New Standalone Cheat Subscriptions! We're excited to announce two new titles now being supported at CA. These are our Destiny 2 & PUBG: Lite cheats, which feature our updated cheat menu and features including a precision aimbot with prediction features and bone prioritization among other features. They are available through their own standalone subscriptions. You can check out these cheats on their cheat pages: Destiny 2: https://cheatautomation.com/destiny-2-shadowkeep-hack PUBG Lite: https://cheatautomation.com/pubg-lite-hack VIP Memberships & New Cheats Lifetime VIP Discount Neither Lifetime, nor VIP memberships are being offered under our new management, so anyone who has an existing lifetime VIP membership has exclusive lifetime access to some cheats that won't be sold to new members. The new cheats we are offering are available via standalone memberships only and won't be available under the 'VIP' banner of cheats. For anyone with a current Lifetime VIP membership, you will automatically receive a 20% discount on these new subscriptions from the store. For example, a Destiny 2 or PUBG: Lite subscription is $19.97 USD normally, but your pricing will be at $15.96 USD.
  6. Hiya all, RebelGirl, new admin at CheatAutomation here! You might have noticed some changes on CheatAutomation recently. We are making some changes to streamline and simplify things. Support Changes Going forward all support will be handled through our help desk. This is to make sure everyone can get quick support from a member of our team. We're now using our subscriber forums to highlight our cheat guides and other helpful information. This makes it easy to see the most important information about any cheat. This will be used more as we add new cheats to the service. We will be adding more support resources to make every step of using our cheats as easy and simple as possible! New Cheat Support We have new cheats coming in the near future. As part of this we will be updating our subscription and purchase options. Some of these cheats may be invite only or limited in the number of users for security reasons. We will make more announcements as we proceed, keep your eyes here! <3
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