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Warframe Free Platinum Farming

Speed Up Your Farming with CheatAutomation’s Warframe Cheat

Grinding in Warframe is all about efficiency. In this online shooter, you’ll have to run missions, strikes, and complete maps dozens of times to get the resources, credits, or items you need for your progression and advancement (see this page for each planet’s unlocks). Because of that, you will want to make sure you can farm with maximum efficiency to get what you need quickly. Who wants to waste all their free grinding? With Cheatautomation’s Warframe hack you’ll be able [...]


Hacks in Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive is the latest game in the Metal Gear series from Konami. While Hideo Kojima is no longer at Konami, the game developers are carrying on with new additions to the franchise, with this latest title offering a larger focus on multiplayer horde combat. In Metal Gear Survive, you play as a soldier stuck in WormHoleLand, another world where wanderers, zombie-like creatures roam and threaten anything living. You’ll have to load up on ammo and supplies and hold [...]


Hacks in Battalion 1944

With Battalion 1944 now in early access, people have had a chance to try the game for the first time. If you haven’t played it yet, you’ll find it’s something of a cross between older Call of Duty titles, and CounterStrike: Global Offensive, with two teams of 5 going head-to-head, round after round on smaller maps. With no respawns after death, you have to make every life count, as a single death could greatly cost your team, or give [...]