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  1. Welcome to the 1% club mate
  2. I've no idea on relevance, but it was brought up in a game I was in; The consensus was it was people who were banned from Battlefield or what have you, and the ban carried over to Battlefront as well (As most of those who are being banned by fairfight are being immediately banned upon entering a server supposedly?)
  3. EXCELLENT work Robert and the team. Aimbot is A++; 60+ kills a game is easy, more if I don't fly Got up to 250k points, no problem! Shame level 5 is the cap for the beta, else I'd really be pwning!
  4. Fastest work ever! NICE guys! Edit: DON'T try to use aimbot in vehicles/turrets. You'll crash
  5. Tried it out for a few matches, overall pretty solid, just a few recommendations: 1) If possible to remove ESP options for teamates, it would be a big help (As when trying to throw out last minute barbed wire towards what you think is an enemy coming, but is actually a team mate ). The close quarters of some maps can make a bit of screen clutter as well. 2) I'm not sure if its a setting of mine or not, but unlike your video the ESP remains over bodies even after being killed (Both enemies and friendlies) 3) If the aimbot can pick any visible bone with head as a priority, it would be a help. Many times an abdomen shot is possible, but the aimbot only goes for head it seems. Also, regardless of the FOV, it seems the aimbot will not lock unless i manually move the cursor over the enemies head first. 4) The aimbot locks onto team mates, which can cause some issues if you're moving as a party. 5) I know CA isn't big on Chams, but it would be a godsend for this game in particular as there are many times when I'm awaiting for the enemy to turn the corner, and then end up having a shield XD Think thats the main ones I noticed for the time being; if there are some settings I'm missing and/or messed up, let me know Looking forward to trying it out more tomorrow.
  6. You can say that again! Gone are the days of 24 hours of potential waiting after upgrading a part Awesome feature guys.
  7. Impossible, and silly. Buy All-Access VIP, or wait until it comes out for single sales; but you'll still have to buy it.
  8. Thanks Crypt, didn't think about it
  9. Interesting....anti-hack if we join live servers? Also, menu key? Edit: Menu key is apparently M? Odd. And can we get a list of item ID's?
  10. Its quite nice! Though it does appear that whether or not you have the aimbot set on chest/abdomen/etc, it always aims at the head May want to check that out.
  11. Its SO worth it guys; CA has outdone themselves.
  12. I'll watch it if I thought a kill was fishy. But nobody ever says anything. Also guys, the most fun you could probably have is to get the speed titan at beginning of match in a capture the flag round while using esp. Have a teamate jump on, run over there, and you know exactly how to get back (or who to smoosh ) without conflict. Got to halftime in under 3 minutes!
  13. It most certainly is! The best thing is, nobody ever thinks you're cheating, because I'm pretty sure nobody watches the death cam. Everyone just spams space bar
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