Mass Effect: Andromeda Multiplayer Hack?

mass effect andromeda mp hack

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If you missed it, Electronic Arts recently announced the official release date for Mass Effect: Andromeda, the highly anticipated new entry in the Mass Effect Franchise.

While the Mass Effect trilogy ended, it’s time for something new from Bioware with a more open-world Mass Effect game. If you played Dragon Age: Inquisition, you probably have some idea of what to expect, as the new Mass Effect game looks to be going for a similar open world feel, with many planets to explore, and open world mission design with side quests galore.

What’s also notable however, is more details on Mass Effect Andromeda’s multiplayer. Mass Effect 3 had quite a popular multiplayer horde mode, and while Dragon Age: Inquisition’s multiplayer didn’t make quite the same splash, it was still well designed and supported for quite some time.

So this begs the question, will CheatAutomation release Mass Effect Andromeda Hacks? It is possible, we’ll have to learn more about the multiplayer and see if it’s going to be worth supporting. While I am sure many people here are excited for the new game, if the multiplayer doesn’t have staying power, there wouldn’t be any point in us supporting a Mass Effect Andromeda hack for years and wasting development time updating the cheat for new game versions unless there is a lot of long term interest. Really, it’s in everyone’s best interest that we support the most popular titles and avoid supporting those ‘flash-in-the-pan’ games.

What features would a Mass Effect Andromeda hack have?

Most likely an aimbot and ESP would be the most helpful features, as in horde modes it’s about keeping situational awareness to avoid being overwhelmed and flanked, while dealing maximum damage to your opponents. With an aimbot you can ensure those close up shotgun blasts are accurate, while also keeping accuracy at range with a bolt action rifle.

With a Mass Effect Andromeda hack, you could rank up faster than normal, and earn more loot drops. Bioware seems to love the “loot box” system, as they can sell them in packs for up to $100. With our hack you’ll earn loot faster than you ever would normally so really a hack would pay for itself in value.

That being said, we haven’t yet decided whether we will develop a Mass Effect Andromeda hack. As more details emerge or we have a chance to try out a beta closer to launch, we’ll let you know what our plans are!